Famous Cyclists

Famous Cyclists

Throughout history, there have been many high-level cyclists. Cyclists with an enviable palm and with almost incredible results. But have you ever wondered who the best bikers in history were?

It is true that it is difficult to compare different times and that the resources available to us today are not the same as those used to be. But it is still inevitable that lovers of this sport will wake up with a comparative worm that allows us to order by importance the best cyclists in history.

For this reason and even if its real use is null, we have made a ranking of seven steps in which we will place the best athletes that this sport has given to date. Note that as in all facets the opinion is subjective and we do not have to deny that it has had its weight in making the classification together with other aspects such as the quality of the track record, the number of victories or the variety of it.

  1. Eddy Merckx

Probably Eddy Merckx’s is the only specific position on the list. The cannibal as the Belgian was known is the best cyclist of all time, one of the most laureate and undoubtedly one of those that are kept with better memory in the memory of fans of this sport. The Merckx pall bars is simply spectacular. 5 Tours of France, 5 tours of Italy and 1 tour of Spain as great turns in stages and a track record of classics and monuments that frightens

  1. Bernard Hinault

The second cyclist on the podium also seems quite unquestionable. Bernard Hinault is another myth of cycling that has a pallbearer that shines with its own light. The Frenchman felt comfortable on all grounds and was superior to the rest regardless of the stage type. Qualities of climber, counter-clock, and sprinter in the same cyclist. A runner with an indisputable winning mentality and who always got what he wanted. He is the only cyclist who has finished all the editions of the Tour de France that he has in first or second position.

  1. Jacques Anquetil

It is indisputable that Jacques Anquetil marked an era. The Frenchman was the first cyclist in history to win 5 Tours of France. A gesture that at the time, seemed unattainable. He also won 2 Giro de Italia and a return to Spain. Throughout his Anquetil career he even had time to beat the record of the hour, which at the time had been imbued with 14 years and to win 1 Liège Bastogne Liège, 5 Paris Nice, and 2 criteria de Dauphine. Anquetil became famous for his great duels with Raymond Poulidor, a cyclist who, had it not been for the presence of Anquetil, would also have garnered much more success in his sports career.

  1. Fausto Coppi

Fausto Coppi was bound to appear on the list. The Italian wrote with his great rival and compatriot Gino Bartali one of the most glorious pages in the history of cycling. His duels are today still remembered among the Italian public and with the arrival of World War II, his sports rivalry also spread to ideological and political issues. In sports, Coppi achieved 5 Giro de Italia, and 2 Tour de France as major wins in large laps, the Legend of Coppi and Bartali is still more alive than ever in Italy, and the Organization of the Giro decides every year to name the highest port of each year as the “Cima Coppi”.

  1. Miguel Induráin

The only Spaniard on the list is Miguel Induráin. Miguel marked a time in world cycling thanks to its excellent results in the great laps. Induráin won 5 tours of France consecutively in what is considered a real gesture of regularity. Navarro also had enough time to win two Giro de Italia. Bronze on the road was his best results in World Championships. A different racer that marked differences in the time trial and held the best in the mountain

  1. Sean Kelly

Sublime. This is how the track record of the king of classics can be summed up. Sean Kelly is a real stage fighter and the most award-winning Irish cyclist in history. Kelly was also world champion, winner of 3 Giro di Lombardia. In large laps, although he tried on many occasions, he only boasts one triumph, that of 1988 Vuelta a España. A real Irish SUV.

  1. Chris Froome

The rider from the Sky team is the only cyclist on the list today. Like it or not, the British has done enough merit to get into the bottom of the ranking. 4 Tours of France, 1 tour of Spain and since this year a Giro of Italy appear in his track records. It is true that “froomey” has always selected his calendar enormously, but there is also his great merit. The ability to mark a goal and be able to achieve it. A track record that can still be expanded if the British one reaches, for example, his desired and expected fifth Tour de France.